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Draft bill to reduce food wastage in commercial sector


MP Ghassan Mkheiber has put forward to the Legislative a proposal to fight food waste and food loss. During a press conference to present his case, Mkheiber pointed out to the squandering of food in hypermarkets, grocery stores and eateries in the country, pointing to the huge amounts of discarded, uneaten or unsold foods while there are plenty of hungry families out there. The proposed bill, Mkheiber explained, creates a social deterrent to make use of the wasted foods to feed poverty-stricken households. Mkheiber outlined the explanatory statement of the proposal which contains disciplinary penalties and positive incentives enforcing involved parties to comply, hoping that the Lebanese parliament will discuss and ratify the draft. The main explanatory statements state that, statistics conducted globally has maintained that food waste could cause an economic imbalance locally and internationally. All world countries, especially advanced states, have adopted legislations to reduce food waste and to force food establishments to act in accordance, given the gravity of the matter at the social, economic, environmental, commercial and even health levels. The squandering of food could create hazards on food security and exacerbate poverty. The ratification of said law stems from the responsibility of the State to safeguard basic human rights. For more information on the proposal, kindly visit the following link: (Al Mustaqbal, April 13, 2018)

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