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Draft law allowing children of Lebanese mother to benefit from civil and social rights


The head of the Parliamentary Committee on Women and Children, MP Inaya Izzedine, submitted yesterday a proposal to the Parliament’s General Secretariat aimed to allow children of Lebanese mother married to non-Lebanese to benefit from civil and social rights. The latter includes the right to residence, travel, property, healthcare, work, social security and practicing commerce, as well as the right to registration and tax clearance, on par with children from a Lebanese father. One exception in the proposed draft is the right to political participation as a candidate or voter. Noting, that in the explanatory statement of the draft bill, the nationality law of 1925 granted the Lebanese man the right to give nationality to his non-Lebanese wife and deprived the Lebanese woman married to non-Lebanese of this same right. Since independence to date, the nationality issue in the country has been handled as a taboo, especially in relation to recognizing the right to nationality of children from a Lebanese mother. The above draft law is expected to alleviate the suffering of children from a Lebanese mother and a non-Lebanese father due to deprivation of their civil rights. This issue, to recall, has become a burden on the Lebanese society with relation to its social and security inclinations enforced by deprivation, particularly that many of these children are born, brought up and studied in the country and have not known any other homeland. On the other hand, the Committee on Women and Children discussed during a session on April 4 headed by Izzedine, the amendment to Articles 503 and 504 of the Penal Code to the end of criminalizing marital rape, but no decision was taken to allow deliberation after a review of the domestic violence law. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, April 5 and 10, 2019)

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