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Economic cost of violence against women project


As part of the annual campaign to combat gender-based violence, the minister of state for women’s affairs, Jean Ogassapian, launched yesterday a project to estimate the economic cost of violence against women in the Lebanon. Carried out in cooperation with ESCWA, the Central Administration of Statistics and UNFPA, the project aims to introduce a comprehensive reform of relevant policies through setting up a scientific foundation to upgrade the status of Lebanese women and reduce the rate of violence against them in line with international agreements. The initiative also supports national efforts to address gender-based violence under the umbrella of national action instruments and institutional structures highly committed to combat violence against women. This will reportedly impact, not only women, but also society and economy as a whole, in consistence with the government’s efforts to develop the first national strategy for combating violence, amend laws and provide services and response mechanisms to violence incidents. To note, the project is implemented in two phases: the first consists of a procedural plan to determine the executive steps based on broad national consultations. The second phase, results in an estimate of the cost of violence against women in Lebanon that can be calculated using an economic model which takes into consideration facts on the ground. (Al Mustaqbal December 5, 2017)

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