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Empowerment certificates to 100 Regie women


Le Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs et Tombacs distributed yesterday certificates to 100 of the daughters of tobacco farmers who completed women empowerment training courses in cooperation with the British Spring Board Program in a number of towns across Lebanon, including Duress (Beqaa), Haisa (Akkar) and Qseibeh, Aitaroun and Yater (South). The ceremony held at the Regie premises in Hadath was hosted by the NCLW vice president, Randa Assi Berri. The workshops were aimed to enhance the role of the working woman through empowering her to have more self-confidence and self-appreciation, and help her to make a positive impact in her community, personally and professionally. Berri on the occasion, praised the Regie’s efforts to ensure economic and social solidarity as well as economic development, and to strengthen the relationship between men and women through empowering them equally at various levels. She stressed the need to endorse the conviction of decision makers in committing to the principle of female representation quota in any future electoral law which she described as the cornerstone to start implementing mechanisms of actual women empowerment. (An Nahar, Al Diyar, March 21, 2019)

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