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An environment and agriculture day in Sidon- Jezzine to support local production and curtail environmental hazards


The Agriculture Cooperative Association organized an environmental and agricultural day in Sidon – Jezzine, which sought to encourage rural development, natural agriculture, raise awareness on environmental protection and encourage rural inhabitants to remain in their villages.  The event included a number of activities such as purposeful walks in the villages to view local and traditional agricultural products and crafts and a traditional village lunch.  The day was concluded with an artistic performance by 30 artists as well as presentations by experts on apiculture, a specialty of Sidon, the merits of traditional honey as well as advice for growing lavender and Rosemary and for recycling cardboard packages so as to limit environmental pollution.
Rita Khawand, a member of the local cooperative noted that this day is a pilot for setting up the permanent market for local products which will open every Sunday for the villagers who reside in the capital.  The market will be a first step towards creating a network to marketing products outside the village and in Beirut.
Source: Al-Nahar 28 August 2013

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