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ESCWA promotes role of Saudi women 


Following a series of reform measures in Saudi Arabia, including the issuance of driving licenses for women,, the executive secretary of ESCWA, Mohamad Ali Hakim disclosed to An Nahar daily that the Kingdom has an integrated strategy and is closely coordinating with ESCWA to this effect. He pointed out that Saudia is advancing progressively to increase the participation of women in the labor market. Saudi women, he said, hold degrees from western and Arab universities and are capable of holding key and leading positions in the public sector and the government, pointing to collaboration of the UN agency with the Women’s Committee inside the Saudi Cabinet. On the role of women in the economic and social development in the Arab world, Hakim maintained that ESCWA works through UN Women to promote and enhance this role, pointing to a group of programs with Arab states aimed to provide a larger and better share for females in the labor market. “This is a human rights issue, and Lebanese women can be pioneers in this process,” Hakim concluded. (An Nahar, June 14. 2018)


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