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EU backs LGBT rights in Lebanon


An Nahar newspaper wrote today that, on the occasion of IDAHOT, and while the High Representative of the European Union, Federica Mogherini, declared EU commitment to combat all forms of discrimination against LGBT persons, Agence France Press was reporting the news of shutting down Beirut Pride platform that promotes LGBT rights due to pressure from the Lebanese authorities. An Nahar detailed the arrest of Hadi Damian from Beirut Pride and conditions for his release which involved signing a pledge to suspend all activities or refer him to the investigative judge for indictment on charges of provoking immodesty and breach of public morality ( On the other hand, a group of passionate pro-LGBT activists continue with their exhibition in Jisr el Wati which started on May 2 under the headline, ‘Letters of Love to Gay and Transgender People’. The exhibition visually translates messages communicated among LGBTs which frequently portray challenges these people face in Lebanon. To note, the exhibition was planned to last till May 10 and to be extended until May 18. (L’Orient Le Jour, Al Akhbar, An Nahar, May 17, 2018)

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