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EU promotes the paintings of woman artist from the South


The National News Agency (NNA) yesterday spotlighted the journey of Hamah Yahiya, a southern farmer and artist in her sixties, living in the Nabatiyeh town of Adshit. Hamdah planted and sold tobacco to provide for her family while enjoying her scarce free time in painting, NNA reported. Boasting a passion for drawing since childhood, Yahya said she passed most of her time in nature drawing trees, water springs, the threshing floor, the thresher machine and the hand mill. In the beginning, Hamdah said, she could not afford to buy the tools that accentuate the colors of the natural scenery. Whereas, her husband made a point that the precision of her work has attracted many artists who encouraged her to display her pieces of art in exhibitions. EU officials, who lauded her work, also provided her with the necessary painting and art supplies. Hamdah’s daughter bragged that her mother could have become an internationally renowned artist if she enrolled in a fine arts school. Instead, she chose farming, which is a source of pride for her family. For his part, the painter and art critic, Nizar Faour, said he saw in Yayha’s paintings an original and lofty art laden with messages. She depicts the simplicity of living and the backdrop of a rural artist who kept an almost annihilated lifestyle, Faour expounded. He described some of her paintings which communicated village customs and traditions, like for example the women who gather the tobacco leaves or carry water jars on their heads or bake bread on saj (baking tin). (NNA, February 6, 2020)

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