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Exhibition of women's crafts in Ebel el Saqi- South Lebanon || Newspapers (Arabic)


The Spanish contingent at UNIFIL organised in Ebel e- Saqi, an exhibition of crafts and products hand made by women from the area including food products, straw baskets, jewelry, traditional soap, bread and other products.  A number of local organisations and women cooperatives took part in this activity including Caritas, Khiam Women Association, Social Welfare Association in Hasbaya and Arqoub, Dar al Aytam al Islamiyyah, Amel, Bayt Hassad of Bayt al Moulouk, the Development of People and Nature Association, al Mabarrat, the Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Habbaryeh, Aghssan Association in Deir Mimas in addition to some exhibitors from the private sector.

Source: Almustaqbal, Annahar

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