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Ezzeddine for adopting a comprehensive family planning strategy


MP Inaya Ezzedine called on the government yesterday to prepare and adopt a comprehensive strategy for family planning and empowerment. Ezzedine noted that this is fundamental for comprehensive sustainable development and helps in addressing the alarming fiscal economic status quo in the country which is impacting Lebanese households. Ezzedine, who was representing House Speaker Nabih Berri during the 50th anniversary of the Family Planning Association and the World Population Day, underlined the importance of empowering Lebanese women through building their economic capacities and promoting their political participation. She reiterated the need to adopt the women representation quota law as a transitional stage in the framework of enhancing their access to political decision, notably the parliament. In conclusion, Ezzedine said she was determined to work to combat all forms of discrimination against women and restore their rights equally with men in jobs and wages, protect them against domestic violence and social bullying, in addition to drafting legislations to counter commercialization of women. (NNA, July 12, 2019)

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