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Farmers' Market in the heart of Hamra, Beirut


In its issue of today, An Nahar newspaper shed light on a newly-established farmers market in the bustling street of Jeanne d’Arc located at the intersection of Sidani and Makdessi streets, in the heart of the capital. The market which carries the name of “Souk aal Souk” (i.e. “drive to the market”), is a joint project by the Environment and Sustainable Development Unit (ESDU), Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, AUB and the AUB Neighborhood Initiative. The market showcases traditional, fresh and healthy dishes alongside handicrafts, and works of embroidery, home-made soaps and other artisan items. For more on the subject, An Nahar interviewed a number of participants. Hana Hamzeh, for example, from the Mount Lebanon village of Obey, makes cookies and desserts with healthy recipes. She started working from home before she rented a booth in Souk el Tayyeb. Now, she divides her time and work between the two markets, as she said. People have become healthy food mongers, preferring to consume less sugar and butter and favoring gluten free products, she boasted. Similarly, Victor Shami, who just completed his fifth year in decorative arts at ALBA university, said the souk allows him to mingle with like-minded people. (An Nahar, August 27, 2019)

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