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Female Lebanese student in Canada raises USD100,000 to help those affected by fires in Lebanon


In an individual initiative, Lebanese student, Dalia Nazha, 22, studying at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, managed to raise some USD 100,000 to help in the relief of Lebanese residents affected by the destructive fires which hit Lebanon recently. Through her personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, Nazha, originally from Baalbek, set up a page, ‘help the people’ which went viral in many countries and was able to raise the required money in just 4 days. On the subject, Nazha told NNA that after doing an opinion survey of her followers, namely individual donors, to assess the feasible form for spending the money, she said they settled for the following: the purchase of a brand new civil defense car, the repair of Arc en Ciel building which was demolished in the fires, the provision of a financial contribution to an underprivileged family who lost her breadwinner in the calamity and a contribution in cash to help in the reforestation of the nearby villages severely hit by the fires. (Al Diyar, November 29, 2019)

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