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Feminist activists in Iraqi uprising


Hundreds of Iraqi women marched in the streets of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Thursday to stress the role of women in the ongoing anti-government protests. This comes in the wake of a Twitter call on February 8 by Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr demanding no mixing between the sexes at protest squares and junctions. Demonstrators marched through the Saadoun Tunnel up to the Tahrir Square carrying signs which read: ‘I am the revolution which blasphemed masculinity’ and ‘Freedom, feminist revolution’. Women shouted slogans endorsing the role of women in rallies calling for the ousting of corrupt politicians and regime. Meanwhile, scores of young men formed a human shield to protect women from both sides. Pharmacist student, Zeinab Ahmed, told AFP that an undefined party has sparked a hostility campaign against us a few days ago. They are counting on bringing women back to their homes and silencing them. But we took to the streets today to prove to them that their maneuvering will be of no use. “We want to guard the role of women in revolts just like men,” she maintained. For her part, Raya Assi, said: “They want to turn us into another Iran, but the Iraqi woman was not brought up to be dictated by man. They have to accept us as we are.” )An Nahar, February 13, 2020(

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