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feminist call for a civil law and a work plan for the national women strategy || Newspapers (Arabic)


The Lebanese Women Democratic Gathering organized a round table about “Justice for women in the frame of personal status laws”. Jurists and civil society activists participated in the round table discussions where the importance of a civil law governing the communal peace and social justice between all citizens; men and women, was highlighted especially amid the Lebanese current sectarian system.

The conclusions of the round table can be summed up the following recommendations:

  • The endorsement of a personal status civil law
  • Set a national strategy for the personal status laws
  • Developing the current laws, and raising awareness regarding their discrimination among citizens
  • Coordination with NCLW in the awareness campaigns

On another note, and in the frame of executing the national women strategy in Lebanon 2011 – 2012, NCLW in collaboration with UNFPA is developing a work plan to implement this strategy through a participatory between both the private and the public sectors. In that framework, NCLW organized 5 workshops related to pedagogy, culture and media, fighting women’s poverty, economics and politics.

Original text in Arabic: Annahar - Annahar - Al-mustaqbal

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