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Feminist Demands Charter: Gender disaster response plan


Some 39 women’s rights groups in Lebanon and 5 feminist activists, signed the “Feminist Demands Charter” for a gendered disaster response plan. The charter holds the authorities fully responsible for the destruction and human toll of the Beirut Port explosion and the injustices against women, requesting an immediate humanitarian intervention that admits and addresses the existing gender inequalities to ensure that the needs and priorities of women and girls in the country are met. The above charter calls for the following, notably: 1) Conduct a gender-sensitive needs and priorities assessment as follows: Any mechanism that undertakes a gendered assessment of damages, needs and priorities of all women and girls, must consult with and reflect women of all ages and social categories and explicitly address the capacities and needs of all women and girls in participation, protection and delivery of services. 2) Ensure women’s representation and inclusion in leadership positions: The representation of voices of all women and marginalized groups in discussions, decisions, compensations, resource deployment and efforts for the purpose of this emergency. 3) Provide food security, shelter and sustainable livelihoods: Ensure equal access to food security, cash assistance, shelter, mental health and social, psychological care as well as all forms of support for all women, specifically the most vulnerable and who are at increased risk. 4) Prevent and respond to violence against women and girls: Strengthen and render free of charge the national mechanisms (hotline and others) to report incidents of sexual abuse and exploitation, in addition to efforts to ensure women and girls access to justice and legal aid. 5) Ensure access to health care and sexual and reproductive health services: Increase efforts to ensure pregnant and lactating women and adolescent girls are prioritized for support in health supplies. For the full names of the organizations signatories of the charter in English, kindly refer to the link below: For a full view of the charter in English:

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