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Festival to empower young people in entrepreneurship


In collaboration with the First Council affiliated with the Federation of Chambers in Lebanon, the Women Leaders Council (WLC) organized the Changemaker 2019 festival on October 5 and 6 at District S in Downtown Beirut. Under the theme, ‘Women and youth being the leaders of today’, this year’s edition of the festival stressed the role of women in business with the aim to empower youth to become entrepreneurs rather than mere job seekers. Commenting on the event, the chairperson of WLC, Madiha Reslan, pointed out that the festival provides a fresh perspective to look at our economy in order to create innovative economic solutions that boost the sector and ensure its sustainability. “Our participation in this festival proves once again that women and youth working together is natural, powerful and a basis for growth,” Reslan said. “Women have proved again that they are great mentors, investors and leaders boasting great capacities with potential to drive youth forward and support them in creating job prospects and make their dreams come true,” Reslan concluded.(Al Diyar, October 9, 2019)

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