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Final ruling on February 27 on child Tannus’s case


Beirut Single Criminal Judge Rula Sfeir concluded yesterday the trial in the case of child Ella Tannus who suffered a medical error back in June 2015 leading to the amputation of her four limbs ( The final pronouncement in the case was set for this February 27. Recalling, that in April 2017, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Beirut filed court cases against three physicians and three hospitals, namely, Al Maouant Hospital in Jbeil, AUBMC and Hotel Dieu Hospital ( During yesterday’s session which was devoted to hearings from the defendant and plaintiff’s attorneys, lawyer Sakhr Hashem, defending the doctor who examined the child at Al Mauounat, submitted a study about a case in the US similar to the case of Tannus which pointed out that the complications were caused by genetic immunodeficiency disorders. Hashem claimed that the child reached the AUBMC in a stable condition, a statement which was refuted by the plaintiff’s attorney, Nader Shafi, who based his facts on medical examinations taken at Lebanese and French hospitals and which proved Tannous did not suffer any immunodeficiency. Shafi sustained the child was infected with Streptococcus bacteria as a result of tardy diagnosis on part of Al Maouanat doctor and the other two hospitals. For her part, the AUBMC attorney, Miriam Khawand, maintained that the child reached the hospital in a very critical condition. (Al Akhbar, December 11, 2019)

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