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Finnish Sanna Marin, youngest woman PM in the world


The Finnish transport minister, Sanna Marin, 34, was chosen as serving prime minister by the Social Democratic Party which leads a coalition government of 5 parties all led by women. Marin, who won be a majority of 32 against 29 votes, will be sworn in today to become the world’s youngest prime minister ever, taking over from outgoing Antti Rinne. Marin will be the third PM in the Nordic country, noting that the four other female party leaders are under 35. Marin, who was raised in Tampere by a single mother and her same sex partner, always described herself as coming from a LGBT family and has been undistinguishable as a real family. She praised her upbringing which she said has a deep influence on her political views. Marin graduated from Pirkkala High School in 2004 and followed up her study in administrative sciences at the University of Tampere and was elected to the City Council of the 230,000 population Tampere when she was 27. In 2015, she was elected as a Democrat Party MP in the electoral district of Pirkanma before she became the minister of transport last June. (Al Akhbar, December 10, 2019)

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