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First lady Ms. Wafa Sleiman: Yes for women's quota and for women's right to transmit nationality || Newspapers (Arabic)


In an interview with An Nahar newspaper, First Lady Wafa Sleiman shared her efforts to uphold the role of women in Lebanon notably the recent decree of 10% women's quota in the upcoming elections as well as her support to women's right to transmit nationality to her children when her spouse is a non-national.  
Sleiman considered that the women's quota is an opportunity for women to prove themselves in the public sphere.  She noted that it is impossible to initiate women's effective political participation except through the law proposal of a 10% quota which has now been forwarded to Parliament.
On the question of women's right to transmit nationality to their children, Sleiman indicated that an in-depth study for the reform of the law was prepared by former Ministers Bahige Tabbarah and Ziad Baroud and with the participation of the National Commission for Lebanese Women (the NCLW), Ms. Lina Abou-Habib (of the Women's Right to Nationality Campaign) as well as Judge John Azzi.  Sleiman confirmed that the study has been sent to the newly set up ministerial committee headed by Minister Samir Mokbel but no answer was received thus far.
Ms. Sleiman also noted the main achievements of the NCLW, notably the National Strategy for Women, which was effectively put in place in 2012 and which will take effect until 2021.  She added that a number of projects are now being implemented such as for instance the "Success" project in collaboration with Fransabank which provides medium sized loans to women.  NCLW also spearheaded a new law allowing women to open bank accounts for their children and ensuring that all banks are complying with this law.
Finally, Sleiman alluded to the "Wayn Ba3dna" campaign which contributed to the reform of 3 out of 14 laws and decrees that need to be reformed to secure women's economic rights.  She also confirmed that new laws ensuring equality in succession taxes, income tax and national defense were promulgated in addition to a decree which provides similar maternity rights to women employed in the private and public sectors.

Source: Annahar, 30 October 2012


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