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First woman head of government in the world in 1960


In a special feature published today, An Nahar newspaper talked about women political participation, reminding its readers that in June 2020, 22 countries around the world had a woman president, prime minister or political advisor. In the fifties of the past century, An Nahar wrote, the participation of women in politics was uncommon. Today, however, they have forced their presence in decision-making positions, An Nahar said, while pointing out that the majority of countries referred to as great powers are largely patriarchal. Expounding on this, An Nahar wrote that in 1960, Sirima Bandaranaike in Ceylon (presently Sri-Lanka) became the first democratically elected woman head of government in modern history. She entered politics after the assassination of her husband, Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike who was shot and killed by an extremist Buddhist monk after serving three years since 1956. Sirima remained as head of the government until 1965, and assumed respectively two other terms in the same position between 1970 to 1977, and from 1994 to 2000 during the presidency of her daughter, Chandrika Kumaratunga. (More info on the following link: ( (An Nahar, July 20, 2020)

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