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First woman judicial inspector in Bahrain


The Kingdom of Bahrain announced on April 6 the first ever appointment of a woman in the judicial inspection, the Bahraini News Agency reported. The advocate general, Amina Issa, has been assigned to the position which examines the work of prosecutors and assesses their performance, becoming as such the first woman for the post. The news agency said that the decision comes from a conviction in the importance of women’s empowerment backing them to play their role in line with their qualifications. Issa has previously held a number of positions in the public prosecution, including representing it before the court of cassation whose verdicts are considered final. The lecturer at the faculty of information, tourism and Arts, University of Bahrain, Dr. Samar Abioki, described the above move as important, hailing the achievements and the good governance of the King, Crown Prince and the prime minister. These accomplishments, Abioki noted, go beyond the standards of women empowerment to become an expert in this regard. To recall, in December 2018, the Bahraini Legislature elected Fawziah Zenel as the first House Speaker in the history of the Kingdom. (Sputnik, April 7, 2019)

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