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Food Safety Campaign: Alert on six labneh and cheese brands


As part of the continuing food safety campaign, the minister of economy, Mansour Bteish, issued a directive yesterday suspending trading in six brands of labneh in different Lebanese regions which do not meet the allowable starch concentration rate and the percentage of yeasts and molds among other specifications. These are: Al Marj from Fresco in Majdlaya; Bchara Farms in Kfardlakous; Grand Pa Kfardlakous; Douihi Fromagerik in Zgharta; Cremono from Melkana in Sarafand and Gourani in Meryata. Bteish also suspended trading in some cheeses, including Halloum cheese brand from Al Wedyan hypermarket in Alma and Akkawi cheese by Ali Gourani in Meryata and the village Akkawi cheese from Dairy Fresh in Saida. The minister asked the afore-mentioned companies to pull out their products from the local markets, register the quantities withdrawn and report to his ministry in preparation for their disposal and destruction. (Al Mustaqbal, August 30, 2019)

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