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Food safety campaign tightens on businesses


As part of the ongoing food safety campaign, the ministry of economy issued 10 directives suspending the trading in specific products for violating standards while resuming trade in others after settling their situation. The suspended goods are: natural kashta (cream) produced by ‘Fariq Co’ in Naameh south of Beirut; turnip pickles by Siblani for general trading in Mreijeh, Riachi for trading in Zalqa and Ghosn Food Industries in Khiyam; the products of Baker Golden in Sheileh and Snowbra Bakery in Geita, in addition to Al Salam and Al Mahaba restaurants in Bir el Abed, southern suburbs. On the other hand, the ministry’s decision sanctioned the resumption in trading of meat products of Al Ailaat and Wehbeh for Meats in Kfarshima and Tiro Shweifat areas, as well as the natural cream products by Al Jawhari sweet shop in Ferzol, Zahleh. Concurrently, a patrol from the General Directorate of the State Security Department raided a food manufacturing warehouse and factory in the Beqaa for a number of violations and noncompliance with hygiene, environmental and health conditions. The plant owner is under arrest now while an amount of the stored goods were confiscated. Meanwhile, Lebanese Customs seized in Nakkash area a truck coming from Syria through the northern borders carrying 2 tons and 700 kgs of bad meat and chicken, in addition to a depot in Ain Hala, Aley area and another one in Aramoun area selling expired foodstuff. (Al Mustaqbal, February , 2019)

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