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Food safety: Egyptian onions confiscated, trade ban on other products


As part of the national food safety campaign, and in collaboration with the Za7hleh Directorate- State Security, the ministry of agriculture confiscated yesterday around 2400 kgs of adulterated Egyptian onions at the central vegetable market of Furzol, in addition to expired local onions. On the subject, Louis Lahoud, the ministry’s general director, said the follow up of this file came upon instructions from minister Hassan Lakis, stressing the continuation of the campaign in all the Lebanese markets. To recall, the minister of economy in the new government, Mansour Tabsh, issued a circular on February 21 suspending work at Ghazal Mills in the southern town of Marwanieh after lab tests proved their violation of local standards. Tabsh, on February 20, also sanctioned in four separate decisions, the resumption in trading of several food and bottled water products for complying with food safety specifications and hygiene conditions. These include, Fariq Co for fresh cream (Na3meh), Al Salam wal Mahaba Restaurant (Beer el Abed) and Baker Golden products (Sehayleh), in addition to Saray bottled water in Shwayfat. (Al Mustaqbal, February 22, 23, 24, 2019)

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