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Foreign dumping: After potato and apple, bananas


The anguish of Lebanese farmers continues in the absence of official support for agriculture and as a result of the fierce foreign competition. In a statement issued on March 30, the South Farmers Gathering appealed to the Customs Director General and to concerned anti-smuggling apparatus to strictly monitor all border checkpoints to stop the illicit entry of foreign bananas to the end of protecting the national crop. This situation, the statement added, is due to the invasion of the local market by foreign bananas of the local markets inflicting huge losses on the Lebanese farmer. The head of the Gathering, Mohamad Husseini, pointed out that the ongoing smuggling activity of a great number of goods, namely bananas, has created an additional economic crisis to distressed domestic growers. He called on the government to speed up action to put an end to the illegitimate entry of foreign goods through irregular border crossings. (Al Diyar, March 30, 2019)

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