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Foreign funding for Terbol Industrial Zone from relief aid to Syrian refugees!


As Safir daily published yesterday a special feature on the industrial zone of Terbol in Zahleh, Bekaa which will soon be set up on a two million square meters stretch of land extending from Terbol to Kussayya at the foots of the Eastern Mountain Chains. The said special industrial zone is one of three zones, for which some 500 thousand euros of funds are required for the completion of necessary feasibility and technical studies. Furthermore, nearly 7 million euros are also needed in funding for the construction of the infrastructure for the three zones located in Baalbaq and Terbol in the Beqaa area and Joon in Mount Lebanon. Regarding the sources of funding, As Safir disclosed that under the heading of aid for Syrian refugees, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has pledged to secure the necessary funding to complete the studies and infrastructure work, while arguing that the establishment of such zones will ultimately provide hundreds of jobs for locals, as well as Syrian workers (!). Furthermore, UNIDO committed itself to complete the technical studies in approximately 6 months.
In the same vein, As Safir interviewed the mastermind of the Terbol zone, the head of the Committee for Industrial Cities at the Lebanese Industrialists Association, Michel Daher, who confirmed that the area which is only a few kilometers away from the land borders, is one of the largest industrial regions recently approved. The prime purpose of creating this industrial zone, Daher stressed, is to absorb young fresh graduates of the Central Beqaa area who struggle to find work within their country. He concluded by estimating that the special zone will create some 5 thousand new jobs, will also contribute to the development of the region and to the provision of additional revenues for local municipalities. (As Safir, February 22, 2016)


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