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Former UK PM calls for boosting women’s political role


Former UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced on Monday that achieving gender equality in politics and business is an issue for society and not just for women. May, who was speaking during the Global Women’s Forum in Dubai, stressed the important role of society in nurturing women’s confidence in their abilities and encouraging them to take on the leadership in various domains. She said mentorship is a key part of the journey. Every woman in a leadership position should help and inspire others to join in order to strengthen female participation in the future. It was important for women to break the mentality that they are incapable of achieving something significant in social life because of their gender, she noted, adding, “the path to gender equality is not about trying to outdo men.” May also expressed confidence that the growing role of women in political decision-making helps in improving the life of the citizen. “We need to encourage women who have aspirations. Teach them that they should not be pigeonholed into stereotypes,” she concluded. (Al Diyar, February 19, 2020)

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