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Four women bridge Nobel Prize gender disparity


An Nahar today published a survey prepared by AFP on Nobel Prizes in which it drew attention to women’s modest share in the awards. Four women reportedly won out of eleven winners of the 2020 Nobel Prize and they are: Emmanuelle Charpentier (Chemistry, from France), Jennifer Doudna (Chemistry, USA), Andrea Ghez (Physics, USA) and American Louise Gluck won the Nobel Prize in Literature. This represents nearly 36.4% of total winners, which is better than past years, AFP said, adding that this year which saw 3 prizewinning women in the mainly “male” categories of physics and chemistry, was an achievement. Statistics indicated that since the first edition of the Swedish Nobel Prize in 1901, the Physics category went to four women out of 216 total winners in the field (equivalent to 1.9%), while seven women received the Prize for chemistry out of 186 total winners (3.8%). On female shares since the inception of the award, AFP pointed out that the rate of women winners increased significantly over the past decades, from to 5.4% and 2.6% in 1900 and 1910 respectively, non-existent in the 1950s, to reach 9.2% and 11.1% in 2000 and 2010 respectively, jumping to 36.4% in 2020. (An Nahar, October 14, 2020)

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