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Free Patriotic Movement seminar on “Women and Politics” || Newspapers (Arabic)


The women committee of the Free Patriotic Movement organized yesterday in Sine el Fil a seminar on the issue of women and politics, with the participation of President of Sagesse University, Monsignor Kameel Mubarak and Doctor Laila Rahbani as speakers.
In his intervention, Monsignor Mubarak indicated that only in mentally, socially and emotionally dark societies will women’s role be neglected. He added that history points out to an active social and political role of women in all eras, before and after Christ particularly since the number of women exceeds that of men. He also stated that working in politics and public affairs in one of the most honorable positions for both men and women, while emphasizing that in order to undertake those roles both men and women will need to be well educated, selfless, honest and ethical.
For her part, Laila Rahbani indicated that despite the fact that Lebanon was the first Arab country to give the women the right to vote in 1953, women representation in politics is still modest and take place only in special cases when women inherit that position form a father, brother or husband, despite their prominent role in the fight for independence and liberation. Rahbani linked weak women political representation to 3 key factors: women’s own personality, lack of community support and sectarianism, adding that the dominant political circles also feel threatened by change.

Source: Annahar 1, November 2012

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