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Further consultations on legalizing cannabis and tobacco farmers protest prices


The parliamentary subcommittee studying the draft bill for the legalization of cannabis for medicinal use held its third meeting yesterday and listened to scientific presentations by the Syndicate of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Lebanon and a number of specialists on the subject. The head of the committee, MP Yassin Jaber, disclosed that participants agreed on the importance of planning workshops to elucidate the explanatory statements for the bill which hosts local and foreign experts to this end. In the same context, the president of the Lebanese Forces (LF), Samir Geagea, met yesterday a delegation of the counternarcotics Oum el Nour organization and Cenacle de La Lumiere for the recovery of drug addicts, to discuss the above draft law. The LF shared the delegation its fears and concerns towards this step, hence pressing for the adoption and implementation of the said law in consistence with the positive purpose on which it was based. Also, in the updates on the tobacco harvest, one farmer at a Regie center in the southern town of Mais el Jabal, protested to the price set by the officer authorized to buy the supplies from growers (between LBP 13,000 and 500,000), demanding fairness to this effect. Citing Regie sources, Al Akhbar newspaper said the above officer determined the price based on the condition of the farmers’ produce which was poor this year due to the fungal disease which hit large quantities of the crop. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Akhbar, November 10, 15, 2018

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