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Future calls for a gender equitable nationality law


The presidential naturalization decree which was leaked last week has sparked continuous controversy over violating the rights of Lebanese women. The Future Movement bloc stressed yesterday during a meeting held in the center house the priority of inclusion of a special draft law that observes the right of a Lebanese woman married to an Arab or foreigner to confer nationality to her children, which puts an end to the injustice against thousands of anguished Lebanese mothers. In its scrutiny of the names listed in the Naturalization Ordinance, the General Directorate of General Security requested that citizens inform of any data or information they have about the names contained therein. Meanwhile, the three political parties opposing naturalization (the Kataeb, LF and PSP) agreed during a meeting in Beirut to give priority at this stage to studying and deliberating the decree at hand. And while the prime minister Saad Hariri advised that debate over the said decree should take place within the Legislature where it is subject to careful consideration and observation, foreign minister, Jibran Bassil, said the issue has no clandestine side to it, noting that the nationality is not a commodity to be traded, and demanded a fast and serious investigation into the matter. On the subject, Al Diyar wrote today that the issue which took on dramatic proportions could place the country in direct confrontation with multiple international parties as per the names it included. Al Akhbar newspaper on the other hand, said there was no freeze of the naturalization decree, but only a delay in putting it into effect pending the General Security’s scrutiny of names is complete. (Al Akhbar, An Nahar, Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, June 5, 6, 2018)

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