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Future women of Beirut and political participation


The Future Movement’s Women’s Sector in Beirut honored in a gathering on Saturday Beiruti women in recognition of their dynamic services. The event witnessed the presence of Beirut general coordinator, Walid Dimashkieh, the Sector’s coordinator, May Tabbal, and the Sector’s officer for Beirut, Iman Karout, in addition to a crowd of dignitaries. Dimashkieh praised efforts by the Women’s Sector, stressing a priority for female participation in the Future Movement and lauding the competencies women in the capital boast which allow them to have greater political involvement. For her part, Tabbal commended Hariri’s staunch support to women which has been translated in the recent diplomatic appointments, the amendment of chauvinistic legislations against women, the inauguration of a ministry for women’s affairs, his seeking to achieve a women’s representation quota and to have women on the Movement’s electoral list. In her address to women, Tabbal stimulated them to participate extensively in the political arena through joining the Future Movement. Similarly, Karout called for the activation of female membership, noting that the upcoming period requires rigorous action in preparation for a powerful participation in elections. (Al Mustaqbal, January 9, 2018)

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