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Future Women support empowerment and honor Najwa Ramadan


On the 13th anniversary of the assassination of prime minister Rafik Hariri, the Future Movement Women’s Sector- West Beqaa and Rashayya, held yesterday a seminar entitled, ‘Rafik Hariri’s vision on the empowerment of women’ and organized a handicraft fair on the sidelines that showcased artistic creations and traditional mouneh items prepared by local women. On the occasion, the minister of state for women’s affairs, Jean Ogassapian, stressed that Lebanese women have a bursting potential to be productive, and pledged his ministry will do all it can to help realize women’s full rights in order to play an active role in the community. Likewise, the general coordinator of the Women’s Sector, May Tabbal, said the exhibition of homemade crafts and agricultural goodies created a catalyst to motivate women in agriculture, the agro-food industry and in rural development. She stressed that “the political engagement of women and the inclusion of the women’s representation quota in the Parliamentary elections bill is an integral part of our rights and struggle.” Concurrently, the Future Women’s Sector in Central Beqaa screened a video on late Rafik Harir focusing on his advocacy for women’s issues. A graduation event was also organized for a group of women beneficiaries who completed a training course on computer skills aimed to develop the capacities of rural women, as noted Yasmine Sallum, member of the Women’s Sector in the area. Also, on Thursday, the Sector honored in a ceremony at Kantari premises activist Najwa Ramadan, a contemporary of Rafik Hariri who worked to end discrimination against women. (Al Mustaqbal, February 9, 12, 2018)

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