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Gender based violence in the Lebanese media || Newspapers (Arabic)


Al Akhbar newspaper published the result of a study conducted by Nahawand Kaderi on the ways in which the media addresses the issue of violence against women and especially the difficulties faced by journalists whilst working on this topic.  The study monitored radio stations, newspapers, magazines. News broadcasts on TV, soap operas, talk shows, and comedies in order to construct indicators to measure media coverage of gender based violence. The study pointed out to serious gaps in the way that the media deals with this issue in addition to the exploitation of victims as well as the stereotyping of women.
Kaderi also noted the difficulties faced by media staff namely job insecurity, inability to manage huge data, inability to keep up with progress in IT and social media as well as their experience of different forms of violence namely political violence, financial violence as well as family and confessional violence.  The researcher concluded that since journalists are not protected by their Trade Union or by a legal framework, they had no option but to have recourse to politicians who are also media moguls, adding that the sector is overwhelmed by male stars who exploite younger professionals and namely women.

Source: Al-Akhbar 14 December 2012

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