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Gender equality in higher education, leadership posts


Under the auspices of the British Embassy, the American University of Technology, AUT, organized a panel discussion on ‘Gender equality in higher education and in leadership positions’. On the occasion, Nada Talhuk, Beirut Bar Association member, said it is time to shift from the notion of clan to the notion of state and from the idea of conflict to the idea of participation of both women and men, namely moving towards the principles of democracy, justice and equality between individuals and society. Talhouk maintained that what is needed today is a revision of the values and principles based on gender discrimination in accordance with Article 5 of the CIDAW agreement. For her part, AUT president, Ghada Hnein, pointed to the absence of equality in senior positions within the education sector, noting that it is unacceptable in a country like Lebanon which provides equal opportunities for higher education to continue to suffer from a serious imbalance when it comes to female leadership positions. Similarly, MP Enaya Izzedine said” “We live in a patriarchal society par excellence,” adding, that change should be made on multiple levels, including laws and bills. She mentioned the challenge by Lebanese women to seize political decision making positions in the cabinet and the parliament, stressing that enhancing the status of women is in fact a societal process and culture that requires a proper environment to succeed. (L’Orient Le Jour, December 1, 2018)

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