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Gender equality in inheritance in Tunisia


The Commission for Individual Freedoms and Equality in the Tunisian parliament has refused to put to referendum the draft law for equal rights in inheritance and individual freedoms following an escalated debate over the reform law unveiled last year by President Beji Caid Essebsi ahead of the National Women’s Day, Al Hayat reported yesterday (c.f: The newspaper said Essebsi is expected to declare the referral of the draft to the Assembly of the Representatives of the People. On the subject, Al Hayat spoke to the head of the above Commission, Bushra Belhaj Hamida, who voiced objection to putting to referendum the provisions related to equality in inheritance between men and women as well as individual freedom, stressing these matters should be seriously discussed in the Parliament away from political manipulation. The rejection, Al Hayat wrote, comes in light of the growing debate on the societal reform report which contained legal provisos promoting and consolidating gender equality in inheritance, and stipulations decriminalizing homosexuality and assault on individual freedoms, in addition to, granting women the right to child custody and family leadership. The newspaper mentioned that Islamic conservative factions stepped up their protests against the report in a number of provinces and warned against flouting the terms of Sharia law. (Al Hayat, August 9, 2018)

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Call for gender equality in inheritance in Tunisia steers controversy


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