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General Directorate of Personal Status obstructs the registration of civil marriage in Lebanon


After its report on the civil marriage contract registered in Lebanon by two Lebanese expatriate lawyers, Abdallah Salam and Marie Joe Abi Nassif, who erased the mention of their sect from their personal status documents (:, An Nahar newspaper wrote today that the married couple have completed the necessary formal procedures and that the ministry of interior has received the marriage registration request. An Nahar went on to say, that part of the administrative process has been finalized with a signature of a ministry employee confirming the receipt, but pointed to a deliberate delay in the request reaching the execution register at the General Directorate of Personal Status. According to the newspaper, it is unlikely that the minister of interior, Raya Hassan, is unaware of the obstruction, insisting that she rather instruct against impeding a procedure that has met the required legal conditions. Speaking to An Nahar, Abdallah explained that there should be a separation between the ongoing arguments on the enactment of an optional civil marriage in the country, which involves dialogue between various sects and groups, and between the right of the Lebanese who erased the sect to register their marriage on Lebanese territory. He maintained that the rights of this category ought to be respected and observed. Likewise, Marie Joe said, “we shall not lose our patience.” In her address to minister Hassan, she said, “You are a minister for all the Lebanese and are entrusted to improve the performance of your ministry to become more human as you earlier declared, and to put the law into practice so as not to remain a slogan.”. (An Nahar, July 4, 2019)

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