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Global woman trafficking remains unpunished


The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) revealed in a report published yesterday that trafficking in persons is the third largest crime industry in the world right behind drugs and arms trafficking. The crime which involves men, women and children remains largely unpunished, the report said. It showed that despite the growing number of prosecuting cases of human trafficking in Africa and the Middle East, like sexual exploitation and organ removal, yet the number of convictions in these areas remains relatively low. The traffickers, the report explained, do not actually face the possibility of bringing them to justice, and hence called for strengthening international collaboration to prosecute human trafficking networks and gangs. The UNODC report maintained, that in countries which are conflict hot spots, crimes related to trafficking in persons has reached an unprecedented number since 30 years, noting that sexual exploitation tops the list, and includes nearly 59% of human trafficking victims recorded in 2016. The report warned that organ trade thrives in refugee camps and dealers largely prey on refugees luring them and promising them money or relocation to a safer place. In conclusion, the report indicated that 70% of victims were women, and 23% of the total number of victims were minors. For the full report, visit the link below: : (Al Akhbar, January 7, 2019)

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