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Good potato harvest in Akkar


Potato growers in Akkar started their harvest of the season which they described as abundant and specially-rewarding in quantity and quality, notwithstanding the unusual weather conditions, Al Mustaqbal reported. Despite their concerns about the dumping of imported crop on the local markets, farmers told the newspaper that the conditions improved from last year. This, they maintained, was a direct result of Premier Saad Hariri’s intervention and contacts to reduce importation of the Egyptian potato and secure the Arab Gulf markets for the surplus export, as he confirmed two weeks ago to a delegation of the agricultural coop. The farmers also told Al Mustaqbal that this year’s prices are better compared to the past year yet still below expectations, especially for those who are full-time farmers. One kg is being sold at LL 600, varying slightly up or down according to the quality of the crops, against last year’s price of LL 200. (Al Mustaqbal, April 6, 2018)

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