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Government’s actions in favour of apple wheat and barley farmers 


Following the finance minister’s tweet mentioning the disbursement of the second LBP 20 billion installment in compensation to apple growers (, the president of the Lebanese Farmers Association, Antoine Howayek, said the allocated amounts have not been transferred to the farmers bank accounts, warning that the “government officials are not to be trusted.” The money, Howayek stated, has been delivered to the Higher Relief Council but not advanced to the farmers to date. He hoped there would be no deductions on the pledged compensations especially that farmers are anticipating new marketing difficulties concerning the current harvest that has been picked and rushed to cold storage. Meanwhile, the minister of trade and economy, Ra2ed Khury, issued a circular No. 1981/9 on Wednesday indicating the dates of delivery of the local wheat and barley supplies for the season 2017. The dates are as follows: South Lebanon and Nabatieh 17/10/2017 until 16/11/2017 and the Beqaa and Baalbaq Hermel, Akkar and the North from 17/10/2017 until 31/12/2017. (An Nahar, October 12, 2017)

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