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Government interventions in agriculture chaotic and inconsistent 


In the absence of a serious and workable government policy to address the waning agricultural sector, the joint parliamentary committee which met last Thursday headed by deputy house speaker, Elie Ferzli, formed a subcommittee for the legalization of cannabis. The said committee is led by MP Yassin Jaber, and the membership of MPs Nicolas Nahas, Assem Araji, Hussein Haj Hassan, Shamil Rukuz, Toni Habshi, Hadi Abul Hissen, Mario Aoun, and any other MP willing to contribute accordingly. The subcommittee was given a one month ultimatum to submit its report to the joint committees. On the other hand, the president of the Regie announced during a dinner held on Tuesday in honor of the media, that the state-run institution provides the national treasury with 7.5% of its annual revenues, pointing out that tobacco cultivation currently sustains 25000 households in the different Lebanese regions. The Regie activities, he said, have covered to date fifteen regions in Akkar, Bekaa and the South, and included environmental, economic, social and educational undertakings. Meanwhile, the minister of trade and economy in the caretaker government, Raed Khoury, issued a circular on Tuesday setting the start date for receiving the wheat and barley supplies from local producers and farmers for the current season of 2018, from 22/10/2018 to 15/12/2018 at the latest for all the governorates. (For more info, kindly visit the link below: (Al Mustaqbal, October 11, 12, 17, 2018)

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