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Government keen on supporting the production sectors to provide job opportunities with public expenditures on the agriculture sector in 2013 to rise to LBP 320 billion || Newspapers (Arabic)


PM, Najib Mikati, reasserted in a speech addressing the Agriculture Associations in Lebanon that his government is giving the production sectors, such as industry and agriculture, similar attention to that to the service sector. Mikati emphasized the role that the former tow sectors play in the life of most of the Lebanese especially those living in the rural areas and those of low-income. He also mentioned that history has taught us that neglecting the land results in the erosion of both our identity and history.
The Minister of Agriculture, Hussain Al-Hajj Hassan, for his part, pointed out to the achievements of his ministry during the past 3 years. Hundreds of new laws and amendments, he added, were issued and hundreds of specialists such as agriculture engineers, veterinarian doctors and technicians were recruited or trained. According to Al-Hajj Hassan, the capacity of his ministry was significantly increased, and the 2013 budget rose to LBP 102 billion from LBP 41 billion in 2009. He also added that public expenditures on the entire agricultural sector in Lebanon will increase to LBP 320 billion in 2013 from LBP 120 billion in 2009. This figure includes the budget of ministry, the fodder and irrigation programs, the grain and sugar beat programs which are supported by the Ministry of Economy and Trade, the IDAL program in support of agricultural exports, and finally financial support to tobacco growing which is being implemented through the Regie Company of the Ministry of Finance.
He finally stated that, during the past three years, Lebanon received several loans and donations from a number of sister countries, international Arab and non Arab institutions and NGOs, totaling some US$ 55 million in donations and US$ 28 million in loans.

Source: Assafir, Al-Diyar 17 November 2012


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