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Home farming in Beqaa to avoid problems of contaminated water


The high rate of contamination in irrigation water in Beqaa has driven many households to develop and expand their own veggies and fruits subsistence agriculture, Al Mustaqbal reported. The domestic gardening in the area is an ancient thing, the newspaper wrote, where Beqaa residents await the spring and summer seasons to prepare their fields close to their modest homestead. Real agricultural workshops are kicked off with the aim to produce the domestic need from vegetables. And these depend on clean sources for irrigation, normally from surplus drinking water collected and stored in tanks or extracted from artesian wells. The good quality of the produce comes from the use of natural fertilizers, primarily the compost, which is prepared by burying and fermenting residues of crops, vegetables and fruits or tree leaves to support the growth of plants. To note, fruit trees and all varieties of vegetables are among the most home cultivated crops in the area. As for the economic feasibility of home vegetable gardening, it is zero. Besides, the farmer sometimes bears material losses, Al Mustaqbal said citing local growers. For example, the price of one kg of cucumber sold at the vegetable store does not exceed LBP 1,000, while growing and producing the same amount at home requires a month and a half of tilling, planting, care and irrigation, which makes the cost of one kg tenfold the price of the same product found at stores. (Al Mustaqbal, July 12, 2018)

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