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The image of divorcee women in Egyptian soap operas: between despise and modernity


The Al Akhbar issue of May 4th spotlighted an Egyptian soap opera currently running for the month of Ramadan.  The series entitled "Pronce" includes a number of conversations featuring its male lead actor, Mohammed Ramadan, as well as female cast and which are lade with derogatry comments vis-a-vis women especially women who are divorcees or widows.  This status is being referred to as a social stigma in the series.  According to the newspaper, this series is being discussed extensively in social media in view of the negative scropt it includes vis-a-vis women and which reproduce negative gender stereotypes.  The newapaper also talks about another series, "why do we love again" and which talks about women divorcee under a different light and by spotlighting their struggles with society.  This series takes ona modern view of women as the protagonist is a divorced women who seeks another love after her separation. (Al Akhbar, May 4th, 2020)

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