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Implementation of national strategy on women and Child on course


MP Inaya Ezzedine announced that the strategy set forward by the Parliamentary Woman and Child Committee emanates from a vision based on the principle of commitment to playing an active role in improving the status of women and children and protecting their human rights. Ezzedine, who was speaking after a meeting of the committee to present the action plan for 2019-2020, reiterated the four strategic goals outlined in the plan. They are: 1, a complete awareness of the facts discriminating against women in the Lebanese laws and the requisites to eliminate them to ensure that women enjoy full citizenship on equal par with men; 2, a legislature whose members are cognizant of the importance of issues related to women and children and of the positive effects of furthering their conditions on the sustainable political, economic and human development; 3, an effective parliamentary monitoring of the government’s work in the implementation of laws related to woman and child, and 4, an active and permanent liaison with various groups and categories of the Lebanese society to secure a balanced representation of their interests. In conclusion, Ezzedine stressed that the implementation of above strategy is underway through several draft laws submitted during 2019 aimed to lay the groundwork for a consistent legal system that safeguards the rights women and children. (NNA, December 12, 2019)

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