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Increasing divorce rate in Lebanon


Al Diyar today tackled the issue of divorce in Lebanon, pointing out that despite its soaring rates, it is not out of the ordinary. The phenomenon, Al Diyar explained, lies in the high percentage of young people seeking divorce shortly after marriage or even before, during the engagement period. On the subject, the newspaper spoke with family sociology researcher, Zuheir Hatab, who revealed that marriage contracts reached 1500 contracts as compared to 400 divorce cases every year. This, he said, is equivalent to %32, including 12% of divorces among couples who broke up after creating a family, and the remaining who broke up while they were still young and engaged or soon after they wed. Similarly, clinical psychologist, Dr. Abbas Makki, pointed out that separation during the engagement period indicates a more problematical issue if weighed against the reasons for divorce after marriage, which is the inability of the young couple to experience marital life under one roof. For his part, the Jaafari Court consultant, Sheikh Abdel Halim Charara, said the change in the social status of women due to education and work produces a rejection of certain arrangements in the marital relationship, including, giving the husband the authority or the right to abuse or batter his wife. The problem, Charara maintained, is not in the position reached by the woman herself, but in the inadequate relationship ordained by the institution of marriage. In conclusion, Charara stressed that this institution is currently shaken in preparation to reach an unwavering formula, noting that this phase is brought about by an ancient inequity and imbalance in bringing up women and pigeonholing them as second rate creatures. (Al Diyar, September 17, 2018)

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