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Indian woman journalist reporting coronavirus


Indian journalist Barkha Dutt decided to chronicle stories of the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on poor fellow citizens. Accompanied by the producer, cameraman and driver, Dutt set out on a 100 day journey covering 23,000 km of towns across India to write about what she called the ‘most important story of our life’. Since last March, the contemporary and controversial TV journalist travelled through the Indian continent to relate narratives of the coronavirus crisis describing the journey as “emotionally strenuous”. Speaking to AFP, Dutt recounted what she saw in one of Delhi’s hospitals. “There were loads of dead bodies, and I attended many funerals“, she says. Her work, she explained, sheds light on class differences in India, saying she never once thought she would see that scale of humanitarian poverty and the streams of people walking for thousands of kilometers. The lockdown, she maintained, has hit hard millions of migrant workers, forcing the poor to pay the highest price while cushioning the blow on the middle and upper classes. Concluding, Dutt said she carried many stories of despair and hope which she published as features on YouTube. (An Nahar, July 3, 2020)

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