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Injustices of Sharia courts: Judge annuls marriage to impede wife’s inheritance


In its follow-up of the discriminatory sharia rulings issued by the various Lebanese sects against women, Al Akhbar drew attention today to a decision by First Judge, Bashir Mortada, head of the Beirut Jaafari Court, in which he ordered the annulment of a marriage contract, he authorized 4 years ago, with the aim to deprive the wife of her share in inheritance of her late husband. In the details, the newspaper cited the parents of the wife, Fatma Amzian, as saying that the family of the deceased, who has similar political affiliations as the judge, has filed a request to the court to annul the marriage alleging the spouse is “legally and psychologically” unfit to sign the contract. After the judge ordered the contract null and void, they received a determination of heirs certificate and managed to withdraw around USD 875,000 in 48 hours from the bank account of the deceased. On the other hand, Al Akhbar wrote that the text of the annulment ruling is based on medical reports by Iraqi specialists dating back to 1979 stating that the husband, during his service as an ambassador for Lebanon in Baghdad, was emotionally disturbed after killing his wife and son in Iraq. The ruling was also built on recent medical reports stating that patients suffering from "paranoid schizophrenia” do not recover. The newspaper also quoted informed legal sources that the text of the court ruling is a partial summary of the case and does not reflect the full story, neither did it expand the investigations which mention the actual reasons that led to the homicide. According to Al Akhbar, the medical reports written then were just a whitewash to avoid his imprisonment. What is most important, Al Akhbar concluded, that the ruling did not take into account the reports issued by the Supreme Islamic Shia Council stating that the marriage contract should not be annulled. ( Al Akhbar, December 28, 2020)

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