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Instagram influencer supports girls by exposing harassers


An Nahar on Saturday spotlighted Instagram influencer, Toufic Breidi, who advocates for girls who are victims of harassment via social media platforms. In an interview with An Nahar, Breidi (instagram username Toufiluk: (, said bringing to light the story of his sister, 15, who was subjected to harassment in Ashrafieh, made many girls turn to him to testify and report similar incidences. “My sister was lucky. It was a matter of 10 seconds,” Toufic stated. On the feedback and reactions from his followers, he said he received emotional responses and great sympathy, but he also got messages shaming his young sister’s leaving home after seven pm. “I wonder when will this backward mentality stops, that which defames and blames women and girls for bringing harassment on themselves,” he asked. He finally underlined the need to empower women and endorse their rights, combat all forms of violence and achieve a safer, fairer and more tolerant society. (An Nahar, December 12, 2020)

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