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International Women's Day: Western diplomats call for a gender-equitable world; an end to marginalisation


On the occasion of International Women’s Day which falls of March 8, a group of Western diplomats to Lebanon warned that Covid-19 pandemic has set off alarm bells advising that tremendous efforts need to be done to build a gender-equal world, claiming, the time for change is now. In their statement, the diplomats underlined the following: that the Covid-19 response plans should seek to eliminate inequality and build more-integrated societies; continue to work to the end of ensuring an increase in the participation rate of women and girls in society, including political engagement at all levels; ensure the full participation of women in consultation processes and in economic recovery initiatives, and that they effectively share in decision-making and in the leadership of campaigns; ensure that the new policies and legislations protect women and girls against exploitation and abuse at home and in the workplace; take action that guarantees the rights of women working in the informal sector and protect them against discriminatory or arbitrary measures, and finally, abolish the sponsorship (kafala) system. The statement concluded by saying: it is incumbent upon us in all parts of the world to take an active role in endorsing those demands and challenging the prevalent cultural and social practices that negatively affect women and girls. (Al Diyar, An Nahar, March 8, 2021)

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